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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A shift of attention

To all who follow this blog, please note that i am discontinuing it to focus on my (not so) new other blog:

those of you who have enjoyed my witty insights into life will continue to find them on that blog as well.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What do you write when you haven't written for 5 months?

5 months, thats a long time....

thats close to 20 weeks, without posting anything on my blog. Of course, in my defense, i was rather busy with exams, trying to make up for the fact that i failed one of my papers in the last sitting.

Even so, that's not much of an excuse as to why i haven't blogged for 5 months... sometimes i feel like my mind has just blocked itself from doing anything remotely productive on the PC... and that includes blogging.

So far the most productive thing that i was doing was slogging away for my finals.. which are now over, Praise The Almighty. All my writing, my training, my creative, artisitic what-not and my pet projects have all been put on hold, due to the fact i failed one paper.

It hit me pretty hard, that i failed, but looking back, i'm dissapointed that it affected me that much, when it shouldn't have.

So here i am, still glued to the PC, playing the occasional game, trying to pick up where i left off 5 months ago... now that i am done with ACCA (praying hard that i will clear my papers..and score!) i begin to wonder what to do with the rest of my life....

perhaps i should find a job, maybe i should try a different course, or i could always bum around and become another liability to society, no doubt the easiest of the three choices...

But that's not me.... i can't sit around too long without doing anything, it turns me insane. So, doing what i do best, when i have no work to do... i make my own work...

Expect to hear from me more often from now on.

; )

Friday, February 02, 2007

Wannabe Entrepreneur Errors #2: Miscommunication

In any business transaction, communication is of utmost importance. Both sides must be clear as to what they are they are buying/selling the price and any other matters (discounts, additional commission etc..).

In my experience i have face some severe problems with miscommunication. I won't go into details, lest i get too technical... basically it involved a case of misplaced expectations.. i expected a higher pay... i tried to negotiate a higher pay... but my client claimed that he had promised differently.

Needless to say, i got the bitter end of his words and i lost a customer and a friend. Although i did manage to eke something out of it (he paid up what he promised), i realised that the opportunity cost lost here is far greater than whatever meagre fee i got out of it.

In the future, i will remember better to write down an agreement, and be clear about my words, rather than just rely on spoken promises and fancy rhetoric.

A clear agreement leads to clearer business practice.

Friday, December 22, 2006

How to comfort a friend

Just recently a very dear friend of mine had a lousy birthday...

really lousy...

she cried...

I felt bad... not that i was the one who made her cry, but mainly because i didn't know how to comfort her. I couldn't possibly imagine the pain she must have been going through, the emotional distress and the thought of having her hardwork suddenly going to waste.

Basically, she was the one who was a victim of circumstance...and I wasn't.

I felt guilty.

Guilty because any attempt i make at comforting her seems selfish. It seems selfish because im doing it to make myself feel better. When the person who really needs cheering up is her.

Sure i can say something supportive

I can praise her virtues through the roof

but the bottomline is... i don't know her pain... and if i can't feel it... all my efforts to comfort her may just be for the worse...

eventually with the help of some of my other friends, we managed to get her to stop crying and laughing again... it felt good to see her smile... im not sure if i did manage to help or if she feels much better now...

whatever it is, i hope that her next birthday will be even better than this year's

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The right to wear, The Right to stare

When it comes to women and dress, i really have no favourites nor dislikes, in short i couldn't care less.

I doesn't really matter to me if a Woman covers up or doesn't, its her body and its her right to do what she wants with it...

I firmly believe that the likelihood of a woman getting raped/molested/sexually assaulted has nothing to do with her dress.. it mainly has something to do with the man's mind more than anything else.

However, women who dress to reveal must realise that wearing such dresses has its effects.

Effects? Such as?

Such as staring.

Yes. we men like to stare. Especially at whatever patch of flesh we spot on women. Be it bare shoulders, smooth thighs or even the small of their back/butt crack when they bend over or squat down.

Perverted? Depraved? Animalistic?

All fair and dandy if you think that way... Its not like we stare at hours on end, but we stare long enough... until someone notices that we are staring.

Somehow staring has become a social taboo of sorts... here we are surrounded by attractive women who dress revealing with and yet society demands that we don't stare...

Why not?

staring is harmless, its safe and it hurts no one (unless you don't see where you are going and walk into an open manhole).

I believe that if Women have a right to wear,

Men have a right to stare.

Don't think of staring as something carnal and debasing... think of it as a symbol of our appreciation for the woman's choice in dressing, thus we admire her beauty and aspects of her body whilst enjoying her feminine charms...

Of course there are times when staring must be done discreetly (or avoided entirely) such as:

- When the subject of your staring is with her boyfriend/husband
- When you are with your girlfriend/wife (in which case you might want to spend the better part of the day staring at her)

So the next time you catch some one staring, give the poor guy a break and let it be...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Work Ethics

What are work ethics?

For me an unemployed-yet-to-graduate... i believe my concept of work ethics are all messed up...

So m not really sure what will be required of me once i venture into the full-time working world...

Although maybe i have some taste of it, editing, writing articles for theCicak.. but its hardly any real challenge when compared to the REAL WORLD work...

REAL WORLD work? What is the real world anyway? Or maybe working world would be a better term..

oh well, having started a new job with a start-up.. dealing with a catalyst program for young entrepreneurs in Uni KL, i find that i have yet to get any crash course on work ethics...wondering if there are indeed any work ethics which i need to acquire?

Based on my very limited knowledge...

works ethics = hard work


do let me know if im wrong

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peaches Jo

In my previous post, somehow the link to my girlfriend's blog was lost.. :P

Here it is now:

or click here

you can also find it at the links on my blog